A Sense of Place Portfolio 6: Turkey

Bosphorus Mouth Hage Sofia Interior Spice Bazaar Cat Basilica Cistern
Blue Mosque Church of Chora Aşiyan Asri Cemetery Cemetery Cat Sleeping
Tower Pigeon Lady Wall at Night Galata Tower
Sphinx, Centaur and Guard Statue 3 Statue 6 Statue 1
Statue 2 Statue 4 Statue 5 Bas Relief
Sea and Taurus Mountains Duden Falls #2 Duden Falls #1 Messages to Mary
3 Inscriptions Ephesus Arch Broken Columns Winged Victory
Spinning Cotton Theatre Wall, Aspendos St. Johns Roses Arch - Columns
Sleeping Dogs Lie Pasabagi Ladder Lycian Sarcophagus Lycian Tombs
Column, Dark Church Gabriel Trajan's Temple Red Basilica
Dog of Pergamon Pergamon Theatre Walls of Pergamon Uichisar
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