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Please note: I do not trade links just for the sake of trading. If I genuinely love your artwork I will put a link up whether or not you put one up to my site. If you would like me to consider your website please submit this form.

Beliefs is an exhibit of photographs by Maruch Sántiz Gómez, an indigenous artist working with the Chiapas Photography Project in Chiapas, Mexico. This series of black and white photographs with text document and illustrate some of the traditional (and endangered) beliefs of Maruch's culture, in a sweetly poignant way. It took me back to the year I spent long ago in Guatemala, and I'm very grateful.

bdmc, the digital artwork of Brian D. McMillan. Brian is one of my colleagues at Art on the Net, and is doing some really intriguing photography-based digital artwork.

Dale Bentson has a large selection of great black and white photographs to peruse, many nudes and many images of landscapes, travel (France, Italy and Portugal) and portraiture.

Sean Duggan is a great teacher of digital photography workshops, a really good photographer, and a blogger on topics of photography and creativity. Visit all three of his websites!

SeeingLight is the creation of photographer Al Camp. The site's name comes from what Al believes plays a huge part in a successful photograph - seeing light. Al Camp's Gallery includes black and white photographs of classical landscapes, western scenes, photojournalism, and more. Very beautifully done images.

Carhenge Out on the western plains of Nebraska --where everything is silent except the wind or a passing tractor or an occasional prairie songbird--you may find Carhenge. This site is a whole lot of fun!

Keith Carter needs no introduction. See his fabulous photographs here.

Martha Casanave is a really wonderful Monterey Bay photographer with a broad range of talents and interests. I love nearly everything she does, but I'm particularly fond of two of her series, "Beware of Dog" and "Kitchen Kama Sutra".

Century is a project about REAL women's bodies. Frank Cordelle has been photographing women of all ages (0, or at-birth, up to 100) and body types (including the surgically altered) and recording their comments on how they feel about their bodies.

Lucien Clergue's Signs of Gods and Goddesses: Four Decades of Lucien Clergue's Photography includes work shown in a UCR/California Museum of Photography exhibit. Wonderful black & white nudes, wonderful new work. Also a friend of mine, since I assisted in one of his workshops in February 1998. He's both a wonderful artist, and a really charming man.

Ctein Online- Ctein is a really wonderfully skilled fine-art photographer, printer, and author (photo-techniques related materials), working primarily with the dye tranfer process.

Marc Deneyer's website features his breathtakingly beautiful black and white landscapes from Greenland, Morocco, France, and more.

Everyday Magic is the name Jim Coe chose for his web pages - I wish I could work such magic every day! Wonderful color images of nature, interesting people, and more. Jim has a great eye for interesting subject material. He also has a lot of teaching experience and is offering fine-art photography training via the web.

Christina Florkowski's hand-painted photographs are too beautiful for words, and her handcoloring techniques are a continuing source of inspiration to me.

Rob Gray's Photography A very large website with hundreds of beautiful photographs. Rob specializes in large-format black & white landscapes, but also has significant galleries of color work, portrait work, travel and wildlife images.

Philip Greenspun Philip Greenspun's pages have been one of my favorite places to visit ever since my first days on the internet. He has superb nature, travel and documentary photographs blended with a real talent for words and design. I just recently discovered his nudes, and am delighted all over again by his vision and humor. He also created,a free on-line photo magazine with discussion forums, classified ads, exhibits, equipment reviews, instructional materials, and more.

Roy Harrington is a local friend of mine who does beautiful large-format black and white landscapes.

David Hibbard focuses his lens on the natural world, using medium format transparency film and scanning it to produce a digital print. His images are gorgeous color landscapes that show the world the way I wish it all could look.

Insomnia Gallery. One of the many good sites on the Fine Art Nude Photography Network. Images are black and white with toning, and have lots of moodiness in them.

Stephen Johnson's Home Page includes gorgeous landscapes in five different galleries. Stephen is a digital artist working with straight photography. Well, that's how I'd put it anyway, but go see for yourself. These are well-organized pages that also download quickly - a real delight!

Kate & Geir Jordahl are two superb photographers who also happen to be married to each other. They both exhibit their work quite a bit, teach a lot (including workshops), and both work use a lot of infrared film and make beautiful black and white prints.

Erik Lauritzen was a Reno-based photographer and friend whose work I've always admired very much. Sadly, he passed away, but his work remains out there to be enjoyed on the web, and is in the permanent collections at UC Santa Cruz. His work is both technically beautiful and emotionally evocative. A must see!

Dan McCormack now has a couple of different pages. His Nimslo Series includes many beautiful black and white nudes, he has a BodyScan Series which is a serial image of a nude, scanned from foot to head across the back and head to foot across the front.

Men & Women Photogallery. Beautiful photographs by Victor Ivanovsky of Russia. Mostly nudes (both women and men), and mostly black & white. Unfortunately, it does include one of those annoying commercial sponsor banners.

Tom Millea is a master of platinum printing whose work is in major museums around the world. His images are deep and thoughtful, and exquisitely printed.

Monochrome - Fine Art Photography This is the of home fine Black & white landscapes and nudes from Fumio Hanano of Japan.

Photophilia - A photography site "devoted to physical and spiritual light", with work by a number of very good artists.

William Neill produces stunning images of the American Landscape. In 1995, the Sierra Club awarded Neill the Ansel Adams Award for conservation photography, but I've been a fan of his work for much longer than that. Do visit his delicious color landscapes.

Ted Orland's Studio Ted Orland is a very dear friend, teacher and mentor, as well as being my very favorite artist. He is one of the two men who taught me to handcolor - so be sure to check out his handcoloring.

Stephen Procko's platinum/palladium landscapes and architectural prints resonate deeply for me. I feel a very strong sense of the place when I look at these images - and generally wish I was there.

Post-Diluvian Photography by Michael Singman-Aste Michael uses a variety of different techniques to achieve some very unique perspectives on familiar places and things.

James Stillwater Figures. James Stillwater is both a writer and a visual artist. His digital images range from nearly straight photographic images to images that have been taken nearly to line drawings.

Carson Zullinger Photography - Carson's new website includes black and white, color, and polaroid emulsion transfers, and the subjects include both nudes and lots of lovely landscapes.

Brian Taylor's imagery portrays the surrealism of living in a fast-paced, modern world. He teaches photography at one of the local universities, SJSU, and is one of my favorite artists. I only wish this page had MORE of his work.

Weston Photography - black and white nudes by Kim Weston, grandson to Edward Weston, and a superb photographer.

Bogdan Zwir calls himself an experimental photographer. I imagine there are many experiments to make, but this sounds like technical stuff is of primary importance. It's not, it's his ideas that are really amazing, with many twists and turns and odd surprises.

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