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Olga Volchkova is an amazing Russian-born artist living in Eugene, Oregon. In art school in Russia she was trained in the classical methods of painting icons. In Eugene she has discovered a passion for plants and the environment. She has found an amazing way to blend her early training and history with her current passions, creating new saints in the process.

Linda Gass is a fiber artist who is particularly interested in art that speaks about the environment, especially water issues in the west. She's got a very bright and lively mind, and it is reflected in her extraordinary artwork. Check it out!

Meaning Maker is a project of Preneo Press. This is art that will make you think and make you laugh, in nearly equal proportions.

Michael Severin is an oil painter living in the Sierra Nevada foothills. He works primarily with landscapes, and his paintings will really make you wish you were there.

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