Sunflower Series

Johanna with Sunflowers Steve with Sunflowers Jim with Sunflowers Bessie with Sunflowers
Marie with Sunflowers Julius with Sunflowers Anabelle with Sunflowers Debra with Sunflowers
Erik with Sunflowers Kathy with Sunflowers Jack with Sunflowers Saelon with Sunflowers

The sunflower series began while I was at a photography workshop in Virginia City. A friend asked me to photograph her; the fake sunflowers were picked up on impulse. As I was releasing the shutter, I realized I was following a cliché, and began to wonder what kind of fun I could have with it if I really pursued it. I asked everyone at the Art Center to model for me in the same way - male, female, teacher, student, director, caretaker, drop-in visitors, and even pets. I placed them all in the same setting, and gave them all the same flowers, but let them come up with their poses from there. It was all in a spirit of fun and playfulness, but in the end I find that the project does have a tiny bit to say about male/female roleplaying and individuality. 

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